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The famous philosopher Cicero once had such a philosophical saying: "The bigger the difficulty is, the greater the glory would be." Today, I use this sentence as the beginning of this article; I don't want to express how hard, how difficult, how great it is to work as a technical support engineer. I just want to make it the motto of every great person on the road. No matter how difficult the road ahead, we will not forget the heart and create glory once more.

I remember that the Northern Song Dynasty philosopher Chang Tsai said in “Western Inscription ": “Poverty and sorrow are common grief. (The objective conditions of poverty and sorrow can actually temper people’s will to help you succeed.)”. This sentence is both materialistic and dialectical. It has evolved to be “Difficulty is the nurse of greatness". It means to be a great man, and it must go through many trials and tribulations. I think, as an employee of VEICHI, as a technical service engineer of VEICHI, it is this spirit that needs to be successful. It is inevitable that it will be thorny on the way. No amount of hard work and tears turned into joy at the moment of success. At that moment, we only cheered for the glory that belongs to us.

As a technical support engineer, sharing the stars with the night, and enjoying the dew in the morning, these are common things, but "customer-centric" is unshakable, as the screw behind the glory of VEICHI, We must always stick to each side of VEICHI.

When you see such a figure in the factory in the middle of the night, he curled up and squatted on the table, staring at the laptop screen, and sometimes looking at the rotating machine, sometimes moving the mouse to the keyboard, and adjusting the parameters of the inverter from time to time. Sometimes wipe the sweat from your forehead... It may be me; when you are on the construction site in the heat; all kinds of construction machinery are running in an orderly manner. On the highest tower crane, you see a person who is walking back and forth to check the machinery. That may be me too; when you are in a coal mine underneath the cliff, see a face full of coal ash, follow the miners and check the explosion-proof electrical appliances, it may still be me. These are me, in all walks of life, in every place where VEICHI products appear, we are our figure, and we are the technical service engineers of VEICHI.

When you see the smooth flow of automation equipment in the factory and marvel at the craftsmanship process, do you think of me, I have been sweating here; when you are in a busy city and enjoy the comfort and convenience brought by technology, will you remember me, and I also dedicate my youth here. Whether it is the winter lunar month, or the summer heat; whether it is the plateau desert, or the northern border of Xinjiang, where there is rumbling equipment operation, there is our VEICHI electrical technical service engineer.

As an electrical service and technical support engineer, we were asked not only to get the kitchen but also to get the hall. Put on a suit, I have to cooperate with the business sales to take orders in the mall; I need to have excellent eloquence and interpersonal communication skills, as well as excellent technical theory knowledge. Putting on the tooling, I need to calm down, be able to withstand loneliness, formulate plans, implement the process, and draw drawings, product selection, system programming, machine debugging, and even the final maintenance, all need to go to my full operation, and do your heart and know what you are doing.

As an electrical service and technical support engineer, I need to be a generalist. Not only do I have to be proficient in my job, but I also need to be familiar with it. Electrical engineering often involves not only electrical components and electrical systems, but also other systems such as machinery, hydraulics, pipelines, valves, etc., a wide range of knowledge reserves can solve one project after another on the basis of electrical engineering.

The mechanics make up the body of a machine, and the electrical engineers give them the soul. Every electrical engineer has a dream in our heart. I hope that the machine I designed is perfect. I hope that my service is perfect. I hope to bring better operation experience and higher production efficiency to our customers. We always adhere to it. With the concept of “customer-centric”, when we get the praise of our customers, it is our most satisfying time.

Therefore, as a technical engineer of VEICHI, I am proud of my work! Even if it is suffering, the difficulties and pressure will only make the people of VEICHI more united and stronger. We always believe that we can achieve the vision and mission: "Customer-centric, development-oriented", Thousands of sails on the side of the sinking boat, a time will come for me to ride the wind and cleave the waves. Any difficulties and hardships cannot stop us from moving forward. We always believe that “Difficulty is the nurse of greatness.”

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