Application of VEICHI AC310 Series in Extruder Transformation

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In recent years, with the development of informatization of electronic equipment, there is an increasing demand for the processing of various heat-sensitive polymers as physical transmission media, such as PVC cable, PE silane, peroxide crosslinked cable, and PE crosslinked Shielded wires, etc. The key to the production of these polymers is the extruder. Extruders have also continued to develop with increasing demand for time-efficient production, from previous DC motors, to inverters with asynchronous motors, to rare earth permanent magnet synchronization.

Composition of screw extruder

An extrusion equipment is usually composed of main machine, auxiliary machine and control system. The extrusion system is mainly composed of screw and barrel, which is the key part of the extruder. The function of the drive system is to drive the screw. It is necessary to ensure that the screw has the required torque and speed during the working process; the heating and cooling system mainly ensures the temperature control of the material and extrusion system in the forming process. The composition of the auxiliary equipment of the extrusion equipment depends on the type of the product. The main function of the control system is to control the speed of the host transmission, display its speed and current, and control the temperature.

The shortcomings of DC motor and asynchronous motor driving screw

DC motors and asynchronous motors have the following disadvantages:

(1) Asynchronous machines and DC motors are unstable in extrusion pressure due to rotational speed pulsation when driving the screw, resulting in poor plasticizing effect.

(2) The carbon brushes of DC motors are replaced every quarter, increasing maintenance costs. In the dusty or corrosive environment, the DC motor commutator will generate sparks, posing a safety hazard. It may cause abnormal operation.

(3) After the asynchronous motor is added to the speed reducer, the noise is large, the efficiency is low, and the maintenance cost is high.

(4) Larger asynchronous machines or DC motors are larger in size than synchronous machines, making it difficult to install on site.

Principles and advantages of rare earth permanent magnet synchronous machine

The emergence and development of synchronous motors has made considerable contributions to the enrichment of electrical energy resources in China. Compared with asynchronous motors, it has obvious technical and economic benefits and has the following advantages:

Advantages of adopting AC310 series

AC310 series inverter is a product developed on the latest high-performance vector technology platform of VEICHI. It not only adopts internationally leading magnetic field directional vector control technology compatible with synchronous and asynchronous motor control, but also arranges parts reasonably under the premise of high performance and high reliability to achieve book-type narrow body design.

(1) The software adopts the internationally leading vector control algorithm and has accurate electromagnetic decoupling. Its starting is smooth and its starting torque is large. Its PG-free vector control can reach 150% of starting torque at 0.5HZ, and with PG vector control can reach 200% of starting torque. The direct drive of the reducer can be omitted, the effects of mechanical clearance or mechanical elastic deformation of the mechanical transmission link are avoided, and the system control accuracy is improved.

(2)  It has rich expansion functions. AC310 series is equipped with 485 communication as standard. You can choose to add CAN card to realize CAN bus communication. Adding a PG card can realize closed-loop control, plus an IO card can expand the input and output terminals, plus a DP card to implement PROFIBUS-DP communication and so on. Different options can be made according to site requirements.

(3) High operating efficiency and more energy saving. Asynchronous machines have low efficiency and power factor in the low power section, and synchronous machines can maintain high efficiency and power factor in the entire power section. Compared with the traditional system, the efficiency is increased by 20% -60%, and the energy saving is obvious.

(4) The direct drive system without the reducer can better solve the vibration and noise at high speed. Compared with the previous host, the noise is reduced by 30 db.

(5) The inverter comes with a wealth of inverter and motor protection functions to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the entire equipment.

AC310 wiring and parameter debugging

(1) On-site wiring:

(2) Parameter setting

Set according to the parameters in the table. Motor parameter self-learning must be performed. It is recommended to take off the motor shaft for rotation self-learning.

F01.00 12 (PM closed loop vector) F02.02 Motor rated power
F02.01 Motor stages F02.03 Motor rated frequency
F02.04 Motor rated speed F02.05 Motor rated voltage
F02.06 Motor rated current F02.30 Encoder type
F02.34 Resolver series F02.07 1 (rotational learning)
F01.01 1 (terminal control) F01.22 acceleration time
F01.02 2 (given by AI1) F01.23 deceleration time
F01.09 Maximum frequency F01.11 Upper frequency
F06.22 4 (fault output)    


The AC310 series inverter-driven synchronous motor is used on the extruder, which not only saves power, but also improves the process, improves product quality, and enhances product competitiveness. Based on the values of customer-centric and development-oriented, VEICHI keeps innovating and progressing, keeping pace with the times, and constantly providing customers with the best electric drive solutions. In the future, VEICHI will go hand in hand with you.

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