VEICHI AC62-L Series VFD Applied on Wire Drawing Machine

Date: 2018-05-22 Location: Cambodia Product Model: AC62-L Category: Wire Drawing

As for Water Tank-Type Wire Drawing Machine, winding which directly affects wire quality, is the core part in equipment's control system. Therefore, users will choose VFD to control winding for complicated process requirements.

ac62 l vfd

In 2009, VEICHI AC62-L series variable frequency drive was introduced to a machinery manufacturing enterprise for metal processing in Cambodia through agents.

drawing machine

Since it was installed in the factory, it has been operated for 7 years under extreme conditions.

drawing machine vfd application

VEICHI AC62-L Series VFD, which is with simpler structure and lower cost, is convenient for maintenance and runs more stable with good controlling effect.

drawing machine vfd

As the leading VFD manufacturer home and abroad, Veichi Electric provides a full range of product such as medium voltage drives, high voltage inverters and low voltage inverter at wholesale price. According to our customer requirements, Veichi has developed AC70, AC70E and more lower voltage inverter models which are best selling products with great quality, outstanding performance, high stability and accuracy.

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