SI23 75KW solar pump inverter in Morocco

Date: 2021-03-12 Location: Morocco Product Model: SI23-T3-075G-A Category: solar pump inverter


With the development of photovoltaic technology, solar energy is widely used in agricultural irrigation as a clean and renewable energy to save great amount of electricity consumption. VEICHI solar pump inverter can quickly and accurately adjust the flow rate and keep the pipeline pressure constantly according to the water consumption.

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Wheat is one of the main crops in Morocco,The farm's central pivot irrigation system installed the Veichi solar pump inverter, which converts the PV panels' DC power into AC to drive the water pump. The Veichi inverter uses highly efficient MPPT to maintain maximum output efficiency in all weather conditions.

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Date:Sept. 2020 


Rated Power:75KW 100HP 
Rated current:150A 

Solar pump inverter: 

Rated Power:90KW 
Rated output Voltage:AC380V 3 phase 
DC input range:350~800V 

Solar panel: 

Rated power: 280W 
Total Power:106,400W


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