4KW solar pump inverter in Myanmar

Date: 2021-03-09 Location: Myanmar Product Model: SI23-D5-004G-A Category: solar pump inverter


1) Clean Drinking Water Supply;
2) Free energy free water;
3) ZERO-CO2 Emission;

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In rural Myanmar, where electricity infrastructure is lacking, Solar water pumping systems can take advantage of the abundant solar resources in this area and extract groundwater to provide water for local villagers.
The water pump will pump the water to the water tank for storage to meet the water demand at night. The floating switch is installed in the water tank to automatically control the start and stop of the water pump according to the water level.

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Date:September. 2020


Rated Power: 3KW 4HP
Rated Voltage: AC380V 3 PHASE
Rated Current: 6A

solar pump inverter

Model: SI23-D5-004G-A
Rated Power: 4KW
Rated Output Voltage: AC380V 3 PHASE
Rated Current: 10A
DC input range: 250~800VDC

Solar panel:

Rated power: 250W
Vmp: 29.97V
Voc: 37V
parallel: 1
Series: 19
Total Power: 4750W
Total Vmp: 569.43V
Total Voc: 703V



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