Application of VEICHI motion controller + servo in label quality inspection machine

Date: 2020-11-12 Location: India Product Model: SD700 Category: Packing Machine

Introduction of label quality inspection machine

With the development of the times, there are labels of various uses and shapes in daily life. After printing, laminating, die cutting and other post-printing processing, ordinary coated paper is made into finished labels. However, it is impossible to ensure that all links are free during the production process, so the quality of the finished product label needs to be tested.

The label quality inspection machine is also called a label rewinder (as shown in the figure below). Usually, a quality inspection machine is mainly composed of: unwinding part, deviation correction, detection system, slitting mechanism, and up and down winding. While testing the quality of the label, it can also complete the slitting and rewinding work.

System introduction

This set of system uses VEICHI high-performance PLC, V5 as the controller, selects the VEICHI SD700 series high-performance servo as the power mechanism, and VI10-070D touch screen as the human-computer interaction interface. The controller has its own Modbus TCP network port to communicate with the host computer of the detection system for data exchange.

The system runs stably, the maximum speed can reach 300m/min, the calculation of the coil diameter is stable, the calculation error is within ±3mm, the torque control is stable, and the material does not shake during any speed switching or acceleration/deceleration. The stop accuracy of label defects is within 5mm, and the output calculation accuracy is ±1.

System plan

1. The VEICHI products and hardware structure applied by the system are shown in the figure below.

2. Scheme realization

  • Select the V5-MC104 high-performance motion controller as the upper control, and control the position of the traction servo and the slitting servo through pulse output. The torque control of the rewinding and unwinding servo is carried out through RS485 communication.
  • The V5 controller and the detection system use Modbus TCP communication to interact. The main interactive content includes start and stop control, line number transmission, and command transmission.
  • The V5 controller and the touch screen use RS422 to communicate, and the user can adjust and view various parameters on the touch screen in real-time.

System advantages

1. The whole machine adopts VEICHI V5 motion controller, which has a unique 6-axis high-speed design. The maximum output pulse frequency is 3MHZ, which can meet the ultra-high pulse frequency control. IO adopts pluggable terminal blocks, making wiring a more convenient and wiring neater. There is a standard shaft connection line with the servo, no additional welding line is needed, saving time and effort.

2. Centralized control of all operating parameters of HMI man-machine interface, stable performance. The interface can realize functions such as language switching, arrears lock machine, and confidential interface.

3. The torque setting of the servo is controlled by RS485, which is more economical.

4. The calculation of the coil diameter is stable, and the fluctuation of the calculated value can be controlled within ±3mm.

5. The torque control is stable, under any speed, acceleration, and deceleration, the material does not shake, and the camera takes pictures without black lines.

6. The output calculation is accurate, and the error between the real-time output value and the set output value after shutdown is ±1.

7. When detecting, the defective label can be stopped accurately, and the stopping accuracy is within 5mm.

8. Reserve a variety of host computer docking interfaces.


VEICHI quality inspection system has the advantages of high efficiency and high stability, the system scheme is simpler and more economical, and the hardware wiring saves time and effort. The system is easy to operate, and the parameters are easy to understand and easy to adjust.

The slitting supports up to 300m/min, and the system is stable when running at the highest speed, the roll diameter calculation is no abnormal, the rewinding and unwinding torque control is stable, and the material has no jitter.

Stopping accuracy, production output calculation accuracy, stable control, independent of speed.

The system has a high degree of openness. Users can adjust system parameters and system switches according to different requirements and working conditions to ensure stable system operation and meet operational requirements.

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