Introduction of VEICHI automatic tenon machine system

Date: 2020-12-03 Location: Vietnam Product Model: V5 Category: Packing Machine

Tenon is the main structural method of ancient Chinese architecture, furniture, and other appliances. It is a connection method that combines concave and convex parts on two components. The protruding part is called the tenon, the concave part is called the mortise, and the tenon is called the "soul" of solid wood furniture. The protruding tendon on the wooden component and the recessed mortise are simply snapped together to combine the wooden components. Due to the different shapes of the connecting members, ever-changing combinations are derived from this, so that the solid wood furniture achieves the perfect unity of function and structure. Traditional mortise and tenon joint manufacturing are all handmade by carpenters. With the rapid increase in market demand, the decrease of carpenters, and the increase in labor costs, traditional tenon and tenon joint manufacturing methods have been unable to meet the huge market demand. To respond to customer needs, VEICHI cooperated with customers to develop a full-automatic tenon machine, which greatly improved the manufacturing efficiency and yield of tenon and tenon joints.

System electrical composition

The system is divided into XYZ three-axis and VEICHI SD700 high-performance servo driver with 23-bit optical servo motor as the driving layer of the whole system. The VEICHI V5 controller (hereinafter referred to as V5) is used as the control layer of the system, and the VEICHI VI10 touch screen is used as the monitoring layer of the system. The system topology is as follows:

System function realization

As the monitoring layer of the system, the VEICHI VI10 touch screen is mainly used for storage of 50 recipes, scripts, monitoring of various switching values, alarm display, the interlocking of interfaces and variables, switching between Chinese and English, etc.

The V5 controller is used for precise interpolation motion control of the three axes, and the formula data of the touch screen is analyzed. Recognize the corresponding position information from more than 300 data, and then use three-axis interpolation instructions to perform precise positioning control on each axis, which improves the operating efficiency of the equipment. The system can turn off any axis without affecting the entire system's action. For example, side milling is not needed, for the time being, the customer can turn off side milling before starting. At this time, vertical drilling and side drilling have priority, and the side milling function can choose the multi-cut milling function (the wood is harder or the milling groove is deeper, and you can choose to mill any tool to reduce the wear of the milling cutter). The processing area is divided into two areas, which can be reciprocated, one area is completed, the second area is executed, and after the second area is completed, another area is executed. Such reciprocating operation can improve work efficiency, and the two zones can be combined for longboard operation, which is flexible and efficient.

System advantage

  1. Easy to maintain. Our company provides a complete set of application solutions to ensure a more stable system and more convenient maintenance. Both the controller and the human-computer interaction interface are equipped with U disk upgrade functions, and the program burning and updating are simpler.
  2. The controller uses our company's V5 controller, which has powerful processing capabilities (double CPU hardware architecture processing speed is faster), has a variety of interpolation functions, and can ensure system stability and accuracy.
  3. The debugging is simple, the servo basically does not need to adjust the parameter, the system parameter setting parameter is few, keep the default parameter basically, only need to set the station position and the tool length to be able to run stably.
  4. The human-computer interaction interface has a powerful formula function, which is convenient for the field personnel to save the formula and reduce the work intensity of the field personnel.


VEICHI woodworking automatic tenon machine system has many advantages such as high efficiency, strong stability, strong anti-interference ability, diverse functions, simple debugging, and convenient application. The core electrical components of the entire system use VEICHI products, and the system can meet the needs of customers for different products. The core of motion control adopts an interpolation algorithm, which makes the three-axis linkage movement more efficient, more stable operation, and softer start and stop.

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