CANopen bus application case of VEICHI SD700

Date: 2020-11-12 Location: South China Product Model: SD700 Category: Machine Tool

With the development of modern industrial technology, some automation equipment is becoming more and more complex, and the requirements for performance are getting higher and higher. Traditional pulse-type servo drives have gradually been unable to meet customer requirements for servo performance. Because the bus-type servo drive uses communication to transmit control signals, it perfectly avoids the disadvantages of traditional pulse-type servo drives (pulse loss, complicated wiring, excessive PLC resources, etc.). The future bus-type servo drive will definitely it is a development trend of the servo industry. The R&D team of VEICHI, which has been committed to R&D and innovation, has launched various bus-type servo drives such as CANopen, EtherCAT, MII, and MIII. These bus protocols are designed in strict accordance with international standards, and they are perfectly compatible whether you are doing replacement or development.

SD700 CANopen bus model is the first-generation bus-type servo driver launched by VEICHI. Since the introduction of this bus model, a large number of successful applications have been obtained on the client side and have been well received in the industry. The following are the most representative successful Cases selected in the country.

Application of VEICHI SD700 Bus Servo Driver in Terminal Machine

Equipment use: Cutting, stripping, tapping, immersion tin, etc. of wire
Production speed: 6500 pieces/hour
Bus type: CANopen
Number of axes: 7 axis
Communication baud rate: 1Mbps
Application area: South China


The terminal machine system is a system solution developed by VEICHI professional servo application development team for the terminal machine industry. It has been practically applied on the client side

1. Equipment pictures

2. Product photos produced

Cold forming machine

Equipment use: Cold-formed metal materials
Bus type: CANopen
Number of axes: 104 axis
Communication baud rate: 250Kbps
Application area: North China


This equipment is a set of systems independently developed by customers using the VEICHI SD700 bus controller. Due to the excessive number of system axes, in order to ensure the reliability of communication, the communication baud rate is reduced to 250Kbps, and the equipment has lower requirements for axis synchronization. The 250Kbps communication Portland can fully meet customer requirements.

1. Equipment picture

Thin knife paper separator

Equipment use: Cut corrugated paper, creasing, etc.
Bus type: CANopen
Number of axes: 13 axis
Communication baud rate: 1Mbps
Application area: South China


The thin-knife paper splitter is a system solution developed by VEICHI professional servo application development team for customers. 13 servos run perfectly at a communication baud rate of 1Mbps, and there has been no problem since it was put into production.

1.  On-site photos


VEICHI bus-based servo drives are now perfectly compatible with most mainstream controllers on the market. Customers can rest assured to use VEICHI bus-based servo drives to develop systems without worrying about compatibility issues. At the same time, the V5 motion controller independently developed by VEICHI also supports the control of the AC servo system through the bus mode. Of course, VEICHI also has a professional system application development team. If customers need it, we will provide you with a complete set of system solutions according to your needs, including early development and design, and after-sales service.

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