Application of VEICHI AC310 Series Machine in Sand Making Machine

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Sand making machine is a new type of sand making machine. After its structure is upgraded, it has high sand making efficiency, high sand control ratio, and low energy consumption. It is also more and more used in road construction, hydropower, building materials, and other industries. It has been recognized by the industry and developed rapidly. The power of the supporting motor of the sand making equipment is generally 45KW-400KW, and the output is generally 50-500T/H. Compared with the traditional sand control, the performance is more stable and the efficiency is higher.

Composition of sand making machine

Sand making equipment usually consists of a vibrating feeder, crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, fine sand machine, belt transmission mechanism, electric drive control system, water circulation system, and other links.

Working principle of sand control machine

The working principle of the sand control machine The large stones are uniformly sent to the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder through the silo for coarse crushing and the coarsely crushed stones are sent to the impact crusher through the vibrating screen for further crushing. The finely crushed stones are sent to the vibrating screen by a belt conveyor for screening, and several different specifications of stones are screened out. The stones that meet the requirements are sent to the fine sand machine by the conveyor belt. The stones that do not meet the particle size requirements are returned to the impact crusher by the belt conveyor and crushed again, forming a closed circuit for multiple cycles. variable frequency speed regulation can produce particles of different sizes.

Defects of traditional sand making machine

The traditional electric drive control system adopts a step-down start, which has the following defects.

  1. The start-up process has a large mechanical shock, which accelerates the service life of mechanical equipment and belts. At the same time, the moment of the start-up has a large impact on the grid voltage and affects the normal use of other electrical equipment.
  2. The speed of the system is not adjustable, and it cannot cooperate with the flexible adjustment of the conveying feeding mechanism and actual production conditions.
  3. If the crusher is blocked or the motor is out of phase, the motor cannot be protected in time, which may damage the motor.

The advantages of VEICHI AC310 series in sand making machine

The AC310 series inverter can drive ordinary asynchronous motors, synchronous motors, and synchronous reluctance motors, and realizes the electric drive control that supports various loads, so it can adapt to various drive fields. Its vector control algorithms are based on the current international leading vector control theory algorithms, and the complete motor model is established through software algorithms. And adopt a brand-new flux observer to realize lower sensitivity of motor parameters, thereby realizing precise current decoupling control. It guarantees high-response, high-precision speed control, and torque control in the high-performance vector control of the above-mentioned different motors.

Compared with traditional driving methods, it has the following advantages:

1. The starting is smooth and the starting torque is large. When there is no PG vector control, 0.5HZ can reach 150% of rated torque, and with PG high-performance vector can reach 200% of the torque. It can guarantee low frequency and large torque.

2. For the jaw crusher, due to uneven feeding, a sudden load change will occur when the inverter drives the motor to run, and a large inrush current will be generated at this time, and our inverter has a powerful overcurrent suppression function. It can be guaranteed that there will be no downtime during operation.

3. For the crusher driven by dual-motor coaxial, our software has its own power balance function, which can evenly distribute the load to each motor, with a smooth start and stop and superior performance.

4. The inverter has its own inverter overload, overcurrent, under-voltage, phase loss, motor overload, and other faults, which can ensure the reliable and stable operation of the sand production line.

Frequency conversion main control circuit diagram

Related parameter settings

  1. Motor control mode F01.00 setting 1 open-loop vector control.
  2. Run command channel F01.01 to set 1 terminal control.
  3. The frequency setting channel F01.02 is set to 2 analog quantity setting.
  4. Motor parameter group F2 sets relevant motor nameplate parameters for self-tuning.
  5. The acceleration and deceleration time is adjusted according to the actual situation.


VEICHI AC310 series inverter drive control program has obvious advantages in the application of sand making machines, which can reliably and stably ensure the operation of sand making lines. Based on the values of customer-centric and struggling-development, VEICHI keeps innovating and making progress, keeping up with the pace of the times, and constantly providing customers with the best electric drive solutions. In the future, VEICHI will move forward hand in hand with you.

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