The use of VEICHI AC300 series inverter in the field of stereo garage

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Nowadays, with the continuous development of society, more and more private cars are entering ordinary families, and the problem of nowhere to park vehicles is the result of the subsequent development of the city’s society, economy, and transportation to a certain extent. The stereo garage is a mechanical or mechanical equipment system that can be used to store and store vehicles in the largest amount. It is an effective tool for professional parking management companies to increase parking capacity, increase revenue, and increase parking fee income. Compared with underground garages, it can more effectively ensure the safety of people and vehicles. If people are in the garage or where the car is not allowed to park, the entire electronically controlled device will not operate. It should be said that the mechanical garage could achieve a thorough separation of people and vehicles from the management. The use of mechanical storage in the underground garage can also eliminate heating and ventilation facilities. Therefore, the power consumption during operation is much lower than that of underground garages managed by workers. Therefore, the use of three-dimensional garages is becoming more and more popular in the eyes of the public, and they are paying more and more attention.

Three-dimensional garage system

Vertical circulation three-dimensional garage

Among different types of stereo garages, the vertical circulation stereo garage is widely welcomed by customers due to its unique advantages. The characteristics of the whole machine are:

  1. Land saving: a large vertical circulation-type mechanical parking garage is built in an area of 58 square meters, which can be divided into 12 parking spaces, 16 parking spaces, and even 34 cars or 24 van parking spaces.
  2. Convenience: Use the PLC to control the automatic shunting, and the car can be accessed and retrieved with one keystroke.
  3. Speedy: Short shunting time and quick pickup.
  4. Flexible: It can be installed on the ground or the ground or semi-underground, independently or attached to the building, and can be combined with multiple units.
  5. Economy: It can save a lot of land purchase costs, which is conducive to reasonable planning and optimized design.
  6. Power saving: generally, forced ventilation is not required, there is no large-area lighting, and power consumption is only 35% of the ordinary underground garage.

The role of frequency converter in the stereo garage system

In the vertical circulation three-dimensional garage system, the use of PLC and frequency converter drives play an important control position. The PLC controls the relevant terminals and channels of the inverter, and controls the frequency, command switches, and other signals, and then realizes the control of the variable speed forward and reverse rotation of the motor through the inverter. Thereby, the completely stereo garage can be rotated forward and reversely, and realize the functions of storing and taking out the vehicle quickly and effectively. Its working principle diagram is shown below:

Schematic diagram of a vertical circulation three-dimensional garage with 12 parking spaces

The advantages of VEICHI AC300 series inverter in the stereo garage system

In the above-mentioned set of systems, our AC300 series inverters have good performance effects.

The above-mentioned sixteen parking spaces vertical circulation three-dimensional garage for one customer demand, simulating 1.6T, 1.8T, 2.0T heavy objects placed on each parking space, using NORD motors, the customer needs to run at low speed, and then control the high speed through PLC Run, and finally automatically control low-speed operation, regardless of the up and down.

The frequency converter that the customer first chose to use on-site, its technical support staff failed to start under the heaviest load after one day of on-site debugging, and the starting current was too large. In this case, the customer chooses to use our AC300 series inverter, adjusts, and uses the 37KW inverter on site.

Application of AC300 series frequency converter in stereo garage

Our AC300 series products use VF control in the field. Under 1.6T, 1.8T heaviest load conditions, start and stop control can be stably and normally started and stopped. The response speed is fast and a smooth and stable garage cycle up and down is realized. The effect is good.

Compared with other inverter products, the reason why our AC300 series inverters can be used stably and effectively in the three-dimensional garage is that the AC300 series inverters have the following advantages:

  1. The starting is smooth and the starting torque is large. When there is no PG vector control, 0.5HZ can reach 150% of rated torque, and with PG high-performance vector can reach 200% of the torque. Can guarantee low frequency and large torque.
  2. The international leading motor self-learning algorithm ensures that it has a precise and good torque output effect in the automatic torque boost regulation.
  3. The inverter is equipped with perfect protection for inverter overload, overcurrent, under voltage, phase loss, motor overload, and other faults, to realize the all-round safety performance of the three-dimensional garage from the inside to the outside during the up and down operation.
  4. The AC310 series inverters are easy to use, and can effectively and stably control the up and down operation of the three-dimensional garage without a lot of adjustment parameters, and have strong adaptability to different environments.
  5. A comprehensive communication system, including 485 communication, CAN communication, DP communication, etc., can realize the monitoring of the stereo garage system by entering the ground and remote switching, which is more flexible and convenient.
  6. The appearance structure of the AC300 series inverter is a book-type structure, which ensures the reduction of space and volume when the AC300 machine is installed in the system and guarantees good heat dissipation effect under running state.

Related parameter settings

The data settings in AC300 series inverter are as follows:

Parameter Name Set value Remarks
F00.19 Parameter initialization 1 1:reset
F05.00-F05.06 Motor rated parameter group   Enter according to the motor nameplate
F05.20 Motor self-tuning 2 2:Static self-learning
F00.00 Motor control method 0 0:VF control
F00.02 Run command channel 1 1:Terminal control
F00.03 Frequency given source channel A 0 0:Keyboard number given
F00.08 Keyboard number setting frequency 25.00HZ  
F00.09 Maximum frequency 90.00HZ  
F00.11 Upper limit frequency 90.00HZ  
F00.14 acceleration time 1.5S  
F00.15 deceleration time 0.1S  
F02.00 X1 terminal command 1 Forward running
F02.01 X2 terminal command 2 Reverse operation
F02.02 X3 terminal command 8 Fault reset
F02.03 X4 terminal command 16 Multi-speed terminal 1
F02.44 Relay 1 output 1 Inverter operation
F02.46 Relay 2 output 4 Error alarm
F04.29 Energy consumption braking action enable 1 1:Turn on dynamic braking, turn off overvoltage suppression
F04.30 Dynamic braking point 700V The default 740V, the braking resistor is connected to the inverter PB, + terminal
F08.12 Torque boost 0:Automatic torque boost Perform self-learning before using automatic torque boost
F12.00 Multi-speed 1 70.00HZ High-speed operating frequency



VEICHI AC300 series inverter drive control scheme has obvious advantages in the application of the stereo garage system, which can reliably and stably ensure the up and down circulation of the stereo garage and run smoothly. Based on the values of customer-centric and struggling-development, VEICHI keeps innovating and making progress, keeping up with the pace of the times, and constantly providing customers with the best electric drive solutions. In the future, VEICHI will move forward hand in hand with you.

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