Application of SD700 full closed-loop function on a fixed-length cutting machine

Date: 2020-11-12 Location: Vietnam Product Model: SD700 Category: fixed-length cutting machine

With the development of modern industry, some high-precision control places have higher and higher requirements for servo control, but due to the limitation of the mechanical transmission part, the traditional semi-closed loop control method of servo has gradually been difficult to meet the requirements for precision control. To adapt to market demand, VEICHI introduced a fully closed-loop servo driver with a new and improved algorithm, which can effectively avoid the impact of mechanical transmission on the final control accuracy of the equipment. Since the introduction of the fully closed-loop servo drive, a large number of successful applications have been obtained in the market.

Schematic diagram of full closed loop control principle

The feeding mechanism of the punching machine requires high servo control accuracy, and the traditional semi-closed loop scheme is difficult to achieve high control performance. Recently, the VEICHI application development team received a task to transform the feeding mechanism of the drawer slide press forming machine. After receiving the task, the VEICHI team quickly formulated a preliminary solution and carried out a feasibility analysis, and finally formulated a set of fully closed-loop solutions, which perfectly solved the problem of low accuracy and low efficiency of the customer's equipment.

The disadvantages of the old feeding mechanism

  1. Due to cost considerations, the customer's mechanical transmission part uses a chain and gear reducer to drive. Such a transmission mechanism will cause a large error, which directly leads to product defects.
  2. The customer puts the automatic error correction function in the PLC to complete. Because the judgment and correction of the error require the continuous collection of errors and calculation compensation, the production efficiency of the entire system is very low.
  3. Since the full closed-loop function is placed inside the PLC, the debugging of the entire system becomes very troublesome, the compensation parameters are very many, and the operation is troublesome for the operator.

The solution given by the VEICHI application development team

  1. The servo is replaced with the SD700 servo driver of VEICHI new full-closed-loop algorithm to complete the feeding control. All the full-closed-loop algorithms are completed by the servo drive, which improves the processing accuracy while further improving the processing efficiency.
  2. The electronic control part uses a touch screen integrated machine to complete the control, which further reduces the cost for customers and increases the market competitiveness.
  3. Add multiple safety protection measures (servo judgment program, positioning jitter judgment program, etc.) to ensure the safety of operators and equipment as much as possible in the program.

Performance comparison of equipment after modification and before modification

  1. The processing efficiency is increased by more than 50%, and the cutting speed of the 10 cm guide rail has reached 50 per minute, far exceeding the previous processing speed.
  2. Due to the use of the full closed-loop function of the servo drive, the processing accuracy of the equipment reaches ±0.01MM, which is more than an order of magnitude higher than the previous ±0.3MM.
  3. Using the touch screen all-in-one solution, compared with the old solution of the touch screen and PLC, the cost has been reduced by at least 30%.

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