Application of VEICHI EtherCAT Bus Servo in Glass Edger

Date: 2021-02-23 Location: China Product Model: SD700 Category: Glass Edger


With the rapid development of urban construction, glass products are developing towards functional, practical, and decorative processing. As necessary professional equipment for glass deep processing, the market demand for glass edging machines is increasing. A large-scale horizontal glass edging machine is one of the key pieces of equipment for glass four-side grinding. It is used to grind the four edges of the cut glass into the required edge shape through a grinding wheel and avoid personnel scratches, to meet the needs of various application environments.

The glass four-side edging machine is professional processing equipment for the chamfering of the rectangular original glass. With the rapid development and addition of automation and bus technology, the glass edging machine system automatically recognizes the size of the glass, without manual input and adjustment of the glass size, it can accurately and smoothly complete the continuous glass edging task!

Introduction and process of glass edging machine

The glass four-side grinding equipment is a professional processing equipment for the chamfering of the rectangular original glass. It has the overall characteristics of high processing accuracy, high efficiency, and high mechanical configuration. It adopts the latest environmental protection design concept of "energy saving, low carbon, high efficiency, automation", adopts man-machine interface operation, six-axis linkage, and automatically recognizes the glass size. And the glass of different specifications and thicknesses can be loaded continuously without manual adjustment and waiting. The rubber roller is used to pneumatically press and transfer and fix the glass after processing and edging, which can effectively avoid glass scratches, improve the glass processing speed, and reduce processing costs.

The glass four-side grind is divided into three parts: the entry table, the edging rack, and the exit table. The film-in table and the film-out table are matched with the edging rack to grind the glass. The edging frame has 3 groups of grinding heads. There are two grinding wheels for each group of grinding heads. The edging process is simple, and the specific energy-saving aspects include electricity cost, water cost, grinding wheel cost, human resource cost, and space-saving. It can be combined with a cutting line, automatic loading and unloading table, washing machine, and other equipment to form a fully automatic glass processing unit. The glass four-side grinding machine is mainly composed of conveying rollers, sensors, and three groups of grinding heads

The glass edging machine system requires PLC control, manual interface operation, a 10-axis servo motor control system, and three working modes of different functions (manual/debugging/automatic) can be selected. In manual mode, the single grinding head, cylinder, water pump, etc. of the equipment can be a jog, which is convenient for debugging and maintenance of the equipment. In the debugging mode, the parameter points of the equipment can be corrected when the grinding wheel is not moving. Click the start button in the automatic mode, the grinding head will first return to zero and go to the waiting area. After finishing, the front grinding head grinds the head of the glass first, and then the grinding head rotates 90 degrees to grind the two sides of the glass with the side grinding heads on the side. After that, the 3# grinding head grinds the tail of the glass to complete the entire edging process. 2# rotate to zero after grinding and wait for the next piece of glass to be ground. The craftsmanship is smooth and natural, with close coordination. The edging time is compressed to the maximum extent and the speed of glass edging is greatly improved. Using the servo probe function to automatically identify the glass size efficiently, without manual input of the glass size, different specifications of glass can be continuously loaded, with high work efficiency, it is a highly efficient, energy-saving, automatic edging processing equipment.

Brief introduction of the working process of edging machine system:

VEICHI SD700 series servo application program and field application

The control system of the glass edging machine is mainly composed of an industrial PC, bus I/O controller, servo control system, frequency converter, proximity switch, etc. The modified system scheme has the characteristics of high efficiency, strong stability, and convenient wiring.

Field Application:

Servo advantages of VEICHI

  1. Using the EtherCAT bus control scheme, the PLC does not need to send pulses to control the servo, which simplifies the wiring and avoids inaccurate positioning if the pulse signal is interfered, and enhances the transparency of the system and the anti-interference ability of the system.
  2. The use of EtherCAT bus type host computer and VEICHI EtherCAT bus servo control can facilitate the modification of workpiece parameters, replacement of workpieces, etc., which increases the flexibility of the equipment and makes it suitable for the processing of various styles of glass.
  3. The servo bottom layer has the pulse position capture function (probe function), without the PLC participating in the capture of the position signal, which eliminates the need for the PLC to use high-speed counting input and high-speed interrupts, which allows the PLC to focus on logic control, which simplifies the programming of PLC programs and shortens debugging time, Improve the competitiveness of the machine. Using the servo probe function can quickly and accurately detect the glass position and the size of the glass so that the system can quickly and accurately control the drive mechanism to grind the glass.
  4. The excellent underlying algorithm of servo, stable torque output, 3 times the overload capacity to meet the product production process. It is easy to operate and use, the motor has a high-speed response, and the high rigidity effect meets the high-speed production of various types of products. The glass edging is smooth without burrs, and the rounded corners and chamfering arcs are standard and smooth.


At present, the development of my country's glass machinery is highly dependent on the international market, and the good development prospects of the glass fine processing industry will enable China's glass edging machine industry to maintain a rapid development trend. The demand for laminated safety glass for automobiles and construction in the Chinese market is increasing year by year. This means that the glass machinery industry has huge development potential and endurance in China. The machinery industry itself is relatively stable. With the advantages of high positioning accuracy, strong communication capability, strong stability, and other advantages of VEICHI EtherCAT bus servo, and the rapid development of domestic control systems, I believe it can bring a good development to the glass machinery industry.

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