Application of special construction hoist integrated machine in elevator

Date: 2020-11-12 Location: Vietnam Product Model: S200 Category: hoist integrated machine


With the continuous development of my country's construction industry, construction elevators have played an extremely important role in the construction of high-rise and super high-rise buildings. They play an irreplaceable role in ensuring construction period and safety, reducing construction costs, and reducing labor intensity.

Construction lifting frequency conversion electric control system composition

Advantages of using frequency conversion for construction hoist

  1. Improve work efficiency, frequent jog, and arbitrary switching of up/down speed.
  2. There is no overshoot and weightlessness when starting, and the stop is smooth and comfortable.
  3. Reduce the wear of mechanical structure and wearing parts, extend the service life of motors and disc brakes, and reduce maintenance costs.
  4. When the grid voltage is reduced, it will not be blocked due to insufficient output. The input voltage of 380V±15% can work normally.
  5. The starting current is small and will not cause a drop in the voltage of the power supply line. The capacity of cables, air switches and contactors can be appropriately reduced.

Advantages of construction lifting integrated drive

Software and hardware functions, perfect protection: Perfect protection functions escort the stable operation of the equipment

Perfect protection function

Complete software functions

Automatic leveling function

The floor display is clear, the operation is simple, and the leveling is accurate, which greatly reduces the work intensity of the operator.


The construction lifting integrated drive, the control system runs smoothly, at the same time reduces the impact on the power grid and reduces the wear of the mechanical structure and vulnerable parts, making the system maintenance more convenient. Provide customers with a complete set of high-performance, safe and reliable solutions.

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