Solution of the servo drive receives no pulses

Fault Name: The servo drive receives no pulses.Fault Symptom:When the PLC sends a pulse to the drive, the drive cannot run and no fault is reported.

Solution of SD600E servo drive er.031 fault

Fault Name: Er.031 is reported on SD600E servo drive.Fault Symptom: Er.031 is reported on SD600E servo drive that causes the machine not to function properly.

Solution of SD600A shearing product length inequality

Fault Name: The lengths of the products cut by SD600A keel equipment are different.Fault Symptom: Customers' feedback mentioned that after the newly installed stainless steel keel equipment is put into operation, except the three materials in the accelerated state of the equipment, the lengths of the sheared out materials are different, and the cutter also gets stuck.

Solution: the motor continues to run at low speed after servo off

The servo speed is given by the analog voltage in speed mode. When the equipment is switched from the running state to the stop state (the analog voltage drop is 0V), the servo motor continues to run at low speed.

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