AC300-C machine tool spindle frequency inverter

AC300-C is a high-performance machine tool spindle frequency inverter newly developed by our company that adopts a brand-new motor control algorithm, book-type structure and independent cooling air duct. It combines the characteristics of the machine tool industry and strengthens the reliability and stability of the product aiming to meet the processing needs of different parts.

Application of VEICHI AC80C in oilfield pumping unit

The beam pumping unit, commonly known as "kowtow machine", is the main equipment in oil pumping industry, of which the number reaches more than 100 thousand units. The total installed capacity of motor is 35 million kW, and the annual power consumption is over ten billion degrees. The power consumption of pumping unit is about 40% of the total power consumption in oilfields, and thus the efficiency is very low.

Applications of VEICHI AC200L series frequency inverters on wire drawing machine

The wire drawing machine is important equipment for metal wire production and mainly for drawing the metal wire into various specifications of the filament. It means that the electrical control of wire drawing machine demands high standards. The frequency Inverter is the main part of the electrical control system, particularly the precision of tension control directly affects the quality and output of the product. VEICHI AC200L series wire drawing machine special frequency inverter by its outsta

Brand-new ap100 series dedicated and integrated air compressors have been surprisingly launched

For the current requirement that high-speed synchronous motor output usually exceeds 300Hz, AP100-K has a vector control algorithm up to 600Hz by using industry-leading vague PI control algorithm that could make sure fast regulation, no overshoot and fast response.

Application of AC300 general frequency inverter on power-discharging rack

The wire and cable industry is currently moving toward higher technological levels such as product diversification, automation, etc. The power-discharging rack is very common in the wire and cable industry and it can be divided into vertical stand-off rack and horizontal stand-off rack according to the style. The racks are all line-out devices, but they are different in structure.

The elevator slips of low voltage inverters

Slipping usually occurs at the start of the up-running, during the up-running and at the start of the down-running, and it always turns into the under-voltage fault

Damage to the inverter caused by the braking resistor

Fault Name:Damage to the inverter caused by the braking resistor. Fault Symptom: The inverter module is broken.

Solution of OL2 while running fault

Fault Name: OL2. Fault Symptom: The frequency inverter reports OL2 while running.

Blunt phenomenon in AC90 torque control operation caused by encoder feedback signal

Fault Name: Blunt phenomenon in AC90 torque control operation caused by encoder feedback signal. Fault Symptom:AC90 was set to torque control in PG mode, but stop while blunting in operation.

The main contactor coil is burnt out

Fault Name: The main contactor coil of the lifting machine is burnt out.Fault Symptom: The power on of the all-in-one cannot be run after starting, and the under-voltage fault is reported.

Principle of hardware speed tracking circuit in frequency inverter

Our AC70 series inverters all have hardware speed tracking function. After the inverter stops, the motor can start directly and smoothly before the motor stops rotating. How does the hardware and software cooperate to achieve this function? The principle will be explained in detail below.

Solution of under-voltage fault while running

Fault Name: Reporting under-voltage fault while runningFault Symptom:The frequency inverter runs normally, but it would report the under-voltage fault with the load after starting.